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MP Flow- The Start-up MES-System

MP Flow© is a handy MES system, developed specifically for the needs of a start-up photovoltaic module production. A simple material and production parameter tracking can be implemented after a easy&quick installation of the MP-Flow© software. It is possible to document each product during the entire journey and the entire production process using a barcode interface.

The flexible architecture of the program also allows customization of existing processes. The software makes complex and error-prone paper-archiving logs unnecessary. You can evaluate and plot trends over the productivity, as well as for instance the shift of the Pmpp distribution, with simple mouse clicks. This software enables you to track, the otherwise very time-consuming, the documentation of products and processes in a short time.

Highlights of the MP Flow© MES-Software

  • Easy tracking of the production flow
  • Rapid deployment (network and multiuser compatible solution on Microsoft ® Access Database)
  • Individual user level for specific user interfaces
  • Material usage traceability and production data (ISO 9000 requirement)
  • Barcode Printer Interface (Individual module identification)
  • Immediate visual feedback of throughput and trend figures
  • Classification performance analysis diagram
  • Easily backup procedures for data storage
  • Completely paperless system log data
  • Easy to use tool for internal communications (shift scheduling)
  • Interface for duplex data transmission to other data systems (ERP / SAP) already set.