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The right price and quality

PV Experts Workshop: Smaller German solar module manufacturers will only be able to survive the competition through greater cooperation between themselves and materials manufacturers, mechanical engineers and other industry participants. This was an important conclusion reached at a PV manufacturers workshop of PV Experts in Berlin.

Juli 2011 PDF

Oven with pitfalls

Module quality: The lamination is one of the most critical processes in current module manufacture, as module lifetime depends on it. Markus Steinkötter from Sunnyside upP®, explains why buyers must trust the producers and importers.

Juni 2011 PDF

Reinventing stringers

Stringers: Conventionally, soldering (stringing) surely forms part of the first stage of module production. This article suggests that making stringing the last stage in cell production could open up new fields of learning, ones that are significant for cost and quality and may increase productivity.

Juni 2011 PDF

Time for new concepts

Laminators: Lamination is one of the most advanced processes in module manufacturing, but there is still room for new ideas and materials. A report on technology, functions and the development of laminators in the solar industry from Markus Steinkötter, founder and CEO of engineering !rm Sunnyside upP.

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Sunnyside upP® an established „BRAND“ on the PV-Market

The company Sunnyside upP® is now a registered GmbH; Sunnyside upP® is an international registered trade mark; Associate-partner-quartet takes over the field of responsibility; Nomination of Mr. Ansgar Delahaye as 2nd managing director

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